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Business Proofreading Challenge

Hey there, future proofreading specialist!


Have you taken proofreading classes before? Are you an experienced editor or business writer? Perhaps you are new to proofreading but curious about this next level of editing.


Well, here is your next challenge! Business proofreading is based on a particular style guide that defines formal, business writing and workplace documents.

  1. After you take the test, join Proofreading School  to get the answers! Yes, I know. :) However, this low, low monthly fee will not last long, so enroll now! The answers are immediately available within the course:

  2. Join us for a live orientation and discussion of the answers. Discover how the challenge will progress throughout the rest of the year. We have a total of 10 chapters to cover.

  3. Currently, we meet over Zoom on Saturdays (TBA). The exact weekly meeting dates are posted within the course community of Proofreading School.

  4. Join the email list below for free updates on the Business Proofreading Challenge.

Join today! We look forward to seeing you in class.

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