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Good writing starts with good grammar. Add this title to your reference book collection for professional writing guidelines.

gammar essentials book
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Are you a good proofreader? Test your skills! Exercises & answers only. Not for beginners, but intermediate to advanced.

proofreading and grammar workbook
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Business Proofreading

Proofreading in the workplace is essential to productivity and growth. Improve your ability to spot and correct mistakes for professional success.

business proofreading book
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Can you identify and correct common writing errors? Level up your proofreading and editing skills with this workbook

proofreading power skills and drills book
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Start your business! The field of freelance proofreading is wide open with potential clients everywhere.

start your proofreading side-hustle book
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Content Editing

What is clean writing? Whatever you write should be clear and understandable to most readers. Clean copy consists of text that is logical and succinct.

clean concise writing book.webp
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editing & proofreading


Intro to Copyediting

Curious about copyediting?

Need an affordable jump-start?

copyediting 101 online course
copyediting 101 grammar, style and practice book
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