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About Proofreading School
Certification Courses & Coaching

How it Works:

Once upon a time, we offered The Proofreading Power Academy as our signature school for professional proofreading training, which comprised a bundle of four classes. However, we discontinued this academy in 2023.


Instead, we offer affordable options at different price points to fit a variety of budgets and skill levels. Between our online courses, print books and eBooks, anybody can start learning the art of proofreading for under $50. Our self-paced online classes teach you how to become a proofreader and launch a home-based freelance business.


In all of our express intro and premium proofreading classes, you get to try your hand at grammar and proofreading exercises to test your current skills. Also, the discussion boards are always open for posting questions and receiving prompt feedback from the instructor.


Find Your Proofreading Level:

Once you have decided to seriously build your skills and credentials as a proofreader, choose your level of  proofreading training. Take the courses listed under your desired level of training.


In general, you want to follow this sequence to build a proper foundation for becoming a paid proofreader:

  1. Core Grammar Essentials

  2. Business Grammar Bootcamp

  3. General Business Proofreading

  4. AP Style Copyediting 101


When you have finished each proofreading and copyediting class:

  1. Receive your proofreading certificate of completion to show prospective clients or employers.

  2. Get copies of the books Proofreading Power Skills & Drills and Grammar Essentials for Proofreading, Copyediting & Business Writing to maintain your proofreader training.

  3. Start applying for proofreading jobs or marketing your proofreading services! Remember to complete the copyediting class before applying for technical editing or any corporate writing job that requires high level proofreading and editing skills.

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  1. Core Grammar Essentials Class

  2. Business Grammar Bootcamp

  3. General Business Proofreading

  4. Clean Content Writing

  5. Freelance Proofreading Express (Optional)***

Marketing Your Proofreading Business

For specifics on how to build and market your freelance proofreading business, get your copy of Start Your Proofreading Side-Hustle. You can also enroll in our marketing accelerator course called Freelance Proofreading Express.



General Proofreading Specialist Certification

To get the General Proofreading Specialist certificate of excellence, you must score 80% or higher on all quizzes and exams.


Mentorship Group Coaching

& Certification Training

Proofreading School is now open! Our group coaching community is now available for a small monthly fee. Students complete weekly exercises and attend live lectures related to the craft and practice of proofreading and copyediting. We meet on a weekly basis in live chats to discuss, encourage and inform each other as we utilize our writing, editing, and proofreading skills in the real world in our own businesses or for employers.

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Meet Your Instructor

Ashan R. Hampton proofreading trainer

Our online proofreading training was designed by a highly qualified college English instructor with over 20 years' experience in higher education and full-time work experience in the industry as a legal proofreader, copyeditor, web designer, and technical writer. Ashan is also the creator of the popular online course, "Proofreading Power Basics" (2014) on Udemy.

Ashan R. Hampton

Director & Instructor

The Proofreading Power Academy

Proofreding School

:: M.A. English ::

:: Donaghey Scholars Graduate ::

:: Published Author ::

:: Editor ::

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