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How to Become a Proofreader Without a College Degree

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

how to become a proofreader without a degree

If you are interested in proofreader training, even with no college degree or previous experience, start with the following low-cost resources to see if proofreading is a good fit for you.

  1. Take the free proofreading test at Fill out the "subscribe" box to get the answers.

  2. To assess your grammar skills, download the free grammar test at

  3. To get an idea of what proofreaders do, read the Proofreading School Blog at

  4. As a curious beginner who cannot make a large financial commitment for full professional proofreading training, try our introductory classes.

  5. To get a full overview of professional proofreading and how to launch a freelance proofreading business, get the book Start Your Proofreading Side-Hustle: Maximize Your Writing Skills by Ashan R. Hampton.

Either way, there is an affordable option for pursuing proofreading that meets every price point from free to a couple hundred dollars. It is not necessary to spend $600 on an unproven program that will not guarantee success as a paid proofreader. Instead, take advantage of the free and low-cost proofreading resources listed above to discover your aptitude for proofreading.

Ashan R. Hampton is a long-time English instructor turned entrepreneur. Through her company, Onyx Online Education & Training, she offers digital courses and print books on grammar, proofreading, business writing and communication for personal and professional development to individuals and corporations. To find out more about Ashan's work, visit



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