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What do freelance proofreaders do?

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

what do freelance proofreaders do blog post

The Job of a Freelance Proofreader

Proofreaders generally engage in light editing and the correction of general errors with no rewriting. Basically, hiring a proofreader means the client’s document demonstrates decent sentence structure, and acceptable usage of standard English. For more information on becoming a paid proofreader, consider taking online training classes at

What Do Proofreaders Check?

Although the client and proofreader determine the scope of services, professional proofreaders generally check for the following errors:

• Capitalization

• Formatting

• Grammar & Mechanics

• Numbers

• Punctuation

• Spelling & Usage

• Visual Images

What to Proofread

Although anything written can be proofread, the following list offers examples of the kinds of docu­ments that businesses and individuals typically seek proofreading services for:

• annual reports

• articles

• blog posts

• brochures

• business proposals/reports

• dissertations

• employee/corporate manuals

• executive summaries

• form letters

• general correspondence

• grant proposals

• instructional materials

• legal contracts

• marketing materials

• newsletters

• non-fiction books/novels

• résumés/cover letters

• sales letters

• student essays

• thesis papers

• web content

Although a college degree is not necessary to become a paid proofreader, you do need a fair amount of direct training and experience to convince clients to hire you.


To learn more about how to become a paid proofreader, get your copy of the book, "Start Your Proofreading Side-Hustle" by Ashan R. Hampton. This article is an excerpt from Chapter 1: Your Job.

start a proofreading business marketing book

Ashan R. Hampton is a long-time English instructor turned entrepreneur. Through her company, Onyx Online Education & Training, she offers digital courses and print books on grammar, proofreading, business writing and communication for personal and professional development to individuals and corporations. To find out more about Ashan's work, visit



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