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Become a   Proofreading Guru.

Proofreading School Skill Building Courses

Whether for passion, profit or personal enrichment, learn the skills you absolutely need to become a proofreader. Our roadmap to becoming a paid proofreading guru consists of the following foundational courses: 

  1. Core Grammar Essentials

  2. Business Grammar Bootcamp

  3. General Business Proofreading

  4. AP Style Copyediting 101

  5. Clean Content Writing

We offer proofreading courses at a variety of price points to fit your budget and your interests in proofreading. From curious learners to aspiring entrepreneurs, our classes are suitable for beginners and experienced writers.

Free Proofreading Skills Test

Let's get started! Test your proofreading skills. After downloading and completing the proofreading test pdf, fill out the "Subscribe Now" box below to get the answers.

Our Proofreading Classes

Learn the skill of professional proofreading!

proofreading 101 intro course online
proofreading online certificate courses
becoming a proofreader
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Our Proofreading Books

Intro to Copyediting

Curious about copyediting?

Need an affordable jump-start?

copyediting 101 online course

Business Proofreading Books

business proofreading lulu book
business proofreading gumroad ebook
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